Sunday, August 19, 2012

Travel Filofax

Hi everyone!

As some of you may know, I was recently in the US for 5 weeks.  I spent precious time with my mother and sister, went to a few places I hadn't been before, did some shopping, and all in all had a blast.  I miss them already, but it's good to be home.

Of course, I used my Filofax to plan for my trip.  I was writing list upon list -- a to-do list to finish before I left, a packing list, a list of places I wanted to see, a list of stores I wanted to go to, and a list of things I wanted to buy.  I put a travel tab in my at-home Filo, a pink personal Baroque, so I can get to it quickly and easily.

At that time, I was using a Slimline Classic as a wallet/purse.  I wrote about it on a guest post here.  Before I left though, I sort of knew the Slimline would not be able to handle all the things I wanted it to do while I was away.  It had to be able to accommodate the travel tab and its contents, plus what was already in there.  So, because I had been longing for a Compact Chameleon for a while, I now had the perfect excuse to get it!  Plus, it was on sale at Filofax USA!  I ordered it while I was still in Manila, and it arrived the day after I got to the US.  And I moved into it right away (of course) because the Slimline was already looking stuffed and ready to burst.  (:

Premiere appearance of my Compact Chameleon in Raspberry

 It still needs to lie flat, so training will commence soon.

Inside front cover holds a pen, credit/debit cards and IDs

Holds quite a bit, enough for my regular, and travel, needs

Vanjilla and Steph both have the same Compact Chameleon and wrote about it on their blogs.  (Their descriptions are more in-depth and I won't repeat what they wrote.)  I was very, very intrigued, but wasn't sure then if I wanted it due to the not smooth leather.  I was also wondering if those little 'hearts' would bother me.  Plus, I was fantasizing about a Compact Chameleon in Aqua, which I was told was actually non-existent.

After moving into it though,I realized that my concerns were unfounded.  I didn't mind the leather, and the 'hearts' didn't bother me at all. The size difference from the Slimline is quite noticeable (a welcome feature), but without being anywhere near the Personal size.  And, after using it for a month, I realized it was just perfect!  It holds everything the Slimline holds, and much more, without it being too bulky or heavy.

(And I used it the entire 5 weeks, except for 2 days in Disneyland when I had a smaller sling bag.)

This is how I used it:

Homemade top tabs separated my sections -- People, Notes, Lists and Diary.  I put in a Travel tab which contained a currency and coin holder, side-opening envelope for receipts, shopping lists, and expense tracking, plus all the lists I mentioned above.  It was quite a job for the Compact, but I must say it handled it pretty well.

Top tabs gave me more room vs. side tabs

The Travel tab

Side-opening envelope for receipts and card holder.
I always keep my receipts when in the US because
of their amazing return policy.

Currency holder from DayTimer, purchased from Staples.  A calculator is always handy.

Coin holder which for the life of me I can't remember where I got.  I punched it to fit.
I prefer this to the zipped back pocket because I can see how much change I have.  (:

Back zipped pocket held random bits.  It opens quite easily and holds quite a bit.

I'm still using it today.  I didn't think I'd love it as much as I do. It's very liberating to have that extra ring space vs. the Slimline.  I haven't quite cleaned out the travel portion yet, but after I do, I think I'll stick with this for a while and give the Slimline a bit of a rest.

Following are photos showing the size difference between the Personal Baroque, Compact Chameleon and Slimline Classic.  As you can see, I love pink.  (:

Size difference:  Spines

Size difference:  Top view

Size difference:  Side view

Overall, I enjoy the Compact size.  Now, I won't hesitate when I see one I like because I know the size works for me.

And here are a few parting shots of the Chameleon.

Front View
Back View

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Beeeautiful Compact! I love the raspberry cham!
    And the pink collection you have, oh boy, all topnotch! :)

  2. Hi Doris! Yes I seem to remember we have similar tastes. I live in my slimline Adelphi, but also have a raspberry compact Chameleon like you, and I also love it! It's perfect for if I just need a bit more space than my slimline. My personal raspberry Chameleon stays at home and contains my past and future diaries for the current year. Slimlines and compacts are the best sizes in my opinion. They rule!

    1. Hi Lucy! I enjoy having the option of using a Compact if a Personal gets too big and a Slimline gets too cramped. I've been intrigued by it for a while and only just got around to finally getting one. I also love that personal inserts are inter-changeable among them.

      Have you completely abandoned the Personal size?

  3. I really love the fact that the inserts are interchangeable too.

    I've only ever used the personal size to store unused inserts; it's never been a 'carry-round' Filofax for me. Just too big. Which is why the slimline and compact are just so perfect for me! I don't understand why Filofax don't try to sell these sizes (especially to women) more who need to lighten the weight of their handbags. But I'm sure you saw me ranting on about that on my Spotlight post on Philofaxy!!!

    1. I know what you mean! There is such a drought of colors for these sizes, especially the Slimline. Although I like the look of the Compact Classic, but more colors please!! (:

  4. hello I love this idea I want to make a budget binder like this I was wondering were you got the "Side-opening envelope for receipts and card holder" I would love to put them in the one I'm making