Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nail Polish (and Tools) Storage

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Here's another storage post for you.

A couple of months ago, I re-organized my nail polish stash.  I dug out an old Caboodle case from years ago that I actually bought for my daughter. These are really great.  I have several of these in two different shapes/sizes, and I've used these on and off over the years.  They're sturdy and very functional. Here's a photo.

This was great for nail polish bottles and fit them really well, with  several compartment.  I put base/top coats in one of the smaller compartments, more bottles alongside, and in the back compartment.  The removable tray holds brushes and other tools perfectly.

The main compartment.  Smaller
compartment for base/top coats to its right.

Pink removable tray rests atop that back row.

Smaller compartments alongside the sides for pens or smaller bottles.

As I acquired a few more bottles however, I outgrew the Caboodle and had to find something else.  It also took up a lot of room on my vanity, and was quite heavy.  I was then on a hunt for better storage (as usual).  Here's how it looked.

You can see here why I needed a revamp.
It's filled to capacity, and more.

I knew I wanted drawers that were at least 4 inches high to accommodate nail polish bottles. I, of course, wanted something pretty, but I was willing to settle for something practical and functional.  I asked a friend what she used to store her nail polish, and she pointed me to the right direction.  I was just hoping to find something that caught my fancy.

And I did!  There were quite a few choices actually, but I settled for this because it had 3 drawers in all, and the third, bottom one was a bit taller than the other two.  I knew I wanted to use the bottom drawer for acrylic paint and tools so having it taller was a bonus.

It's a bit Muji-esque, without the Muji price tag.  There were other cheaper ones but this was just a bit more streamlined, and all the other ones had either 2 or 4 drawers which was either too little, or too much, for my needs. I thought this fit the bill just right.

And then of course I had to find a place for it.  It initially rested on a stool beside my vanity until I could figure out what to do next.  After a few days of deciding what to do and how to do it, I had a little 'bench' made for it that secured the base with a rim of wood (meaning it wouldn't move when the drawers are pulled out cause those bottles can get heavy).

Base with rim of wood around it prevents it from sliding off.

Each drawer will hold about 50 bottles of nail polish.

Lots of room to grow.

Bottom drawer holds acrylic paint, brushes and tools.
Pink tray was hijacked from the Caboodle.

I had the bottom made just tall enough that I could choose to slide it under the vanity if I wanted to.

Fits perfectly under the vanity if I want to relocate it.

It sits happily beside my vanity where I do my nails, which is very convenient for me.

This was a simple storage make-over that, this time, didn't take me too long to figure out.

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