Sunday, January 19, 2014

Embracing Pink in 2014

Hi everyone!

I endeavored to expand my Filofax family to include colors other than pink.  I have bought and sold a few non-pink ones because I didn't get along with them.  Now I know better!  I love pink and I will embrace it!

Case in point: I got a new pink Filofax!

Yes folks, I got a Domino!  I had largely ignored this model because it wasn't leather.  It's only my 2nd Domino.  My 1st one was a pocket in brown.  Over time, the elastic had stretched on that way too much to be usable and the suede started to peel.  Now I know I need to take care of this one a little better.

I bought this because of the lovely color, it was cheap, and it has the feel of the Midori Traveler's Notebook except with rings!

Pink! tassel and bottom tabs.
Hello Kitty padlock used as charm.
No top tabs, just bookmarks
I kept the setup simple with just side tabs, a few bookmarks, and bottom tabs to take me to the weekly diary and sticky note section.

In the card slots, I have some flags, DiY bookmarks, and business cards.  My first page is a washi-taped flyleaf.

I'll keep this post short and follow with a detailed set-up soon.  I did quite a few new things and made a lot of changes vs. my previous set-up. (This Filo is washi-taped to the gills, as you'll see later.  I've also lost my crafting Mojo lately and making things for this helped me craft and create without too much of a commitment.)

Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

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