Thursday, July 24, 2014

Top Ten Fun Things You Can Do With Your Planner

Hi everyone!

We all start out wanting to use a planner to get our lives organized. I've realized though that it also helps that your planner is running smoothly, you can find things easily, and that it's also pretty to look at. That last thing is obviously not the most important aspect of paper planning, but it sure is the most fun!

Over the years, I have had several permutations of how I've used my planner/s. The two constants have been that I can still manage my days with it and that I want to continue to use it. 

Here are the top ten things you can do to enjoy using your planner. Enabler Alert!

And if you see me on Instagram, some of these may be familiar to you. 

DIY'ing It

1. Personalizing your dashboard/flyleaf to reflect your personality and/or add color.

This is the one thing I do to switch it up a bit and keep my planner from being just a boring calendar. I change it quite frequently depending on my mood, and I enjoy making them myself. There are many printables you can download, or paper you can buy, to create your own. I have quite a stash of these but I still continue to make more. 

2.  Coordinating your tabs and/or dividers that divide your sections. 

I've had some success lately (I know, late to the game) making laminated dividers, and I've been making a set for each of my planners. I've also made some cute, quirky ones that I never thought I would ever like. Monsters! In my planner! Yeah!

There's lots of pretty paper to choose from, or simply print ones you like. I print quotes too and love having them as dividers. 

You could also use repositionable tabs like these from Martha Stewart, my personal favorite. But there are tons of other brands to choose from like Post-It and Avery. 

Using stationery supplies. 

3. Sticky notes are super functional and there are tons of cute ones to choose from. I have a few I love because they're either cute, stick really well, or both. I stick them everywhere for quick notes, and always have a stash in my planner. They add color to your pages if you prefer not to decorate them, which I don't, and which brings me to my next point,

4. Decorating your pages. 

I personally don't do this on my weeklies although I would for a special occasion like Christmas or my birthday. I do decorate my monthlies which I use as a mini journal.

There's a plethora of supplies to choose from - washi tape, stickers, stamps, sticky notes, etc., etc. The only limits are your imagination, and the possibilities are endless. This is also one of the things I've seen that make some want to actually use their planner and if it helps you to be organized and efficient, I say go for it! 

5. Using cute bookmarks. 

I personally use bookmarks everywhere to (1) clip pages together or (2) mark important pages. There are several kinds: shaped paper clips, binder clips, magnetic bookmarks, etc. I'm sure you'll find the one that works for you, or have a selection at hand to choose from. I love them all!

6. Making/printing your own inserts. 

Another thing I don't do because I'm rubbish at printing and cutting so I'll just buy my inserts. But if you need something specific to your needs, or want to personalize your own, you may want to try this. 

Here are weekly inserts I asked someone to make for me. She prints, cuts, and punches them herself so all I need to do is stick them in my planner. 

7. Adding charms. 

Again, something I don't do because I tried it once and it got in my way. But it makes for a very girly planner I think. 

8. Using cute pens. 

I think if you're reading this blog it's safe to say you love stationery and have an army of pens at your beck and call. Finding the right pen is very important to me. And finding one that looks good with my planner is heaven. You may have to check around to find one that works best for you. Multi-pens are my personal favorite. 

9. Color Coding. 

I wrote about color coding in an earlier post. Please just search through this blog. 

Some need to color code, some not at all. I'm in between - I color code for certain important things like money or appointments. And I do it in my monthlies. Other than that I just use a black or blue pen. 

10. Decorating/Designing your pockets

This has to be my favorite part. I find doing this both beautiful and functional at the same time. I love having a lot of supplies at hand and pockets provide easy access. I may actually carry around more than I need but I don't care. Ha!

There it is, the Top Ten of Fun Filofaxing! If you think I missed anything, do leave me a comment. 

And I'd be happy to hear how you use your planner!

Thanks for visiting!


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