Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anatomy of my Filofax: Diary/Calendar

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd share with you the different things I have and use in my current stay-at-home Filofax, a Personal Pink Baroque.  This will be the first in a series of posts that will detail how I use my Filo, what it contains, and what I did to customize it.

Baroque with some of its contents

The set-up hasn't changed much from when I last wrote about how I use my pink personal Classic here.  Incidentally, it was a Guest Post on Vanjilla's Blog.

Let me start with what Diary I use and why I prefer this format.

2012 Christmas Week

A sample of what a week looks like, and how I use the opposite blank page.

As you can see, I use a Dodopad filofax-compatible personal diary.  Week-On-Two-Pages with Notes was my favorite format for years.  Recently, I'd been using WO2P because that's what came with the binders I bought and I didn't want to spend any more money on a separate format when they were quite usable.  I hadn't even heard about the Dodopad till about February.  I held off on getting it for a while, but my curiosity won out, and in April, I bought it at half-off from ebay.  It was almost the middle of 2012 after all, and it was a good deal.

How I use it
I have tiny handwriting.  Otherwise, this format would never work for me.  The grids are really quite small, and I tried to use all the columns for each aspect of my life so I was really limited to one grid per day.  The weekly grid is on the right-hand side, the opposite of the Filofax brand WO2P with Notes.  There's also a bit of space on the top and bottom of the grid for notes, doodles, etc.

On the left, there is a blank page for just about anything you want to do with it.  I use it for a To-Do list and a Menu List. I recently started writing a menu for the week and I write about it in detail here.  An Avery round tab takes me instantly to this week.

Pink Avery round tab

At the back are grids for forward planning which includes January through June.  After which time you should be getting your own 2013 diary or you're really not planning that well, are you?  (:  I have used them as intended with a few things in March onwards.

2013 Forward Planner

I like the Dodopad because it's my ideal format, but much more fun, colorful, and interesting. I don't really need to pretty up my pages with stickers and drawings since Lord Dodo already did that for me.  I've stuck to this format since April so I guess you can say that this works for me.

You may have heard they're revising the 2013 format to include bigger grids, and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting that too.

The entire Diary portion lives behind a calendar side tab, after which I have 3 top tabs:  Y (Year), M (Month), and W (Week).  Here, I have tasks/chores that happen at any particular point in time.

The 6 custom side tabs

Top tabs

Under "Y": Birthdays and Anniversaries

Under "M", my least favorite subject:  Bills  (:

Under "W": TV shows

Also under "W":  Chores

As you can see, the pages are just hand-drawn and I write most things in pencil.

And, that's how I use the Diary in my Filofax.

Next up, Dividers.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi Ate Doris!

    I was so happy/kilig to see a ManileƱa on Philofaxy. Your Baroques are so pretty, and it's so unfortunate that they've been discontinued!

    Am still waiting for my Filofaxes. The courier says that they've arrived, but I'm still waiting for my Post Office card. It's driving me crazy, haha! This obsession is going to be a problem, I think. And I've already planned out the stuff to put in my Filofaxes wayyyy before they've arrived!

    Anyway, just dropped by to say hi and tell you that I'm a fan girl and that you're now on my Google Reader! And just giving you a heads up that one the pictures from your Guest Posts shows your home address!


    1. Hi Alexandria! And thanks for your comment! It's great to 'meet' a fellow Pinoy Filofax lover!

      What Filofax did you get? The waiting is agony isn't it? I'ts such a pity we can only get them online. You're right about becoming obsessed. I can't help you there because I have to reign myself in too so it doesn't get out of hand.

      Thanks for the heads up -- just hope no one stalks me. (: I guess I can't do anything about my address showing now. ):

      I'm so happy to hear from you, and hope to see you here again!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi again Ate!

      Oh no, I got several! I'm a little dyahe I spent so much on *notebooks*! But this means that I never have to buy another Moleskine again. Yeah, rationalizing, tee hee.

      I got an A5 Ochre Malden from a third-party store. Then I got a Pocket Penny Bridge and an A5 Chameleon in Raspberry (at 50% off!) from Filofax Norway. My Tita is sending it from there. And I so sooo want that baby black Baroque from Amazon. Thinking of sneaking it into my brother's shopping cart. *evil laugh*

      BTW, where did you buy your Dodo Pad? Was it shipped directly from Cornwall? Thinking of getting one for 2013, but I've already spent so much! Did you need an intervention when you started your collection?

    4. All good choices! I love the Maldens, and my compact Chameleon I use as a purse. I have yet to try the A5 size though, I've only ever used personals, pockets and minis. And 50% off is always a good price, ha ha. Moleskines are much more expensive so I agree that Filofax is the way to go.

      I got the Dodopad directly from their online shop. It really depends on how you'll use it and how big your writing is because of those tiny grids. My writing is tiny so I can make it work for me. I would still prefer bigger grids which they did for 2013 so I think I'll get that as well.

      Re: intervention, it has really only been 'enabling' so far from all those blogs I read and Philofaxy. I've gotten to a sort of 'saturation' point now where I don't really need any anymore. I will have to justify my current filos at some point and give up those I won't use. Only one I'm lemming now is a personal Amazona.

      Loooong reply, sorry about that. (:

  2. Ate!!! Apologies for not replying sooner. My post office card arrived and I asked the driver to pick up my parcel. Hope everything goes smoothly. I cannot contain my excitement! Everyone else thinks I'm going crazy over a "notebook"!

    And no biggie, long replies are welcome. Especially when it's about what people do with their Filofaxes. I'm kind of chismosa, I think, so I need to know.

    Might get the Dodopad for next year. They're so awesome looking. Buti you have the heart to write on yours! :D

    And the Amazona is gorge! In any shade. For 2013! Please post pictures when it arrives! There I've enabled you, haha.

    1. Enjoy your Filo goodies! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun setting them up! (:

  3. I am so jealous of your baroque! I love it, as well as how you have it set up.

    1. Hi Amanda! I think the Baroque is my favorite style (: The setup was a work in progress for a while, and I've finally got it to the way I want it. Thanks for the comment!