Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anatomy of my Filofax: Dividers

Hi everyone!

(I've been meaning to post this a week ago, but there was something wrong with Blogger and I couldn't access my account.  It's finally fixed now.)

In my previous post, I wrote about the diary I use in my Filofax, here.

Today, I show you how I use dividers.  No rocket science here, this will be a short post.  (:

Previously, I enjoyed making my own dividers.  I used scrapbooking paper which I had a lot of.  I matched the colors to the color of my Filofax.  I labeled them, stuck them in, and called it a day.

Tabs made from scrapbook paper

Weeks later, I'm tired of them.  I not only got tired of the color, I found the patterns distracting. I also didn't like that they were hand-written.  I thought they made my filo look messy, and I like calm, quiet and order in my filo.

Next step, use the pre-arranged dividers.  I felt better.  My brain heaved a sigh of relief.  I felt a zen-like peace.

Filofax brand pre-arranged tabs

I even stamped some, just to make them look mine.

Hand-stamped dividers

But again, I wasn't THAT happy with them.  The fact that I "made" them work for me left a niggling feeling and I HAD to do something about it.

I've been admiring Cat's tabs below and I knew this was what I needed!  Filofax-brand, plastic-tabbed goodness!

Her complete post is here.

I thought they were extinct.  But Charlotte, a Philofaxy reader, very generously offered to send me a couple, and I took her up on her offer.  I didn't need to use the multi-colored labels they came with because I could print my own subjects and slot them in.  And that's just what I did!


Now, I'm happy!  I've been using them for a few months now and I don't get an urge to change them.

I still needed top tabs, which I made with plain pastel-colored scrapbooking paper, reinforced with vinyl stickers at the top (so happy to have found them in a bookstore).  They're handwritten but they're more discreet so I can live with that.  Because I didn't want them to be permanent, I wrote them on post-it sticky labels so I can move them around. (It took me a while to figure that out!)

Top tabs

After all is said and done, I just suddenly came to a conclusion -- I don't like permanence.  I like flexibility.  Maybe that's why I love my Filofax!

Stay tuned for the next installment.  (:

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  1. Thanks for sharing & a great post :)
    I absolutely understand where you're coming from as I've made exactly the same move with my dividers. Homemade ones from card were nice, but I wanted to simplify my filo & also purchased the same plastic tabs (still available from Filofax UK, but it's not clear on their website & they were a surprise when they came). So much neater & easy to change!

    1. Hi Anita, great to see you here! Aren't those tabs great! Wish they made them in the Pocket size too.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Thanks for featuring my tabs - so happy you found some! I got mine in one of the London Filofax stores not all that long ago, so hopefully they're not gone for good. Your setup looks great, enjoy!

    1. Hi Cat, nice to see you here! Your tabs were so neat, I just had to have them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. If you are not using a cereal box and your cardboard is plain on both sides it does not matter which side of the cardboard you place the BGE on. Plastic Divider