Monday, October 8, 2012

Anatomy of my Filofax: Paper

Hi everyone!

Today I will show you the paper I use for my Filofaxes.

I use both Filofax- and non-Filofax brand for my Filofaxes.  Since FF-brand is much more expensive, I looked around for other sources of paper for note-taking, and general usage, that I could use and not feel like wasting my money.

I found this paper in a local bookstore, and have been using this brand for years.  It fits the Personal size perfectly, and I like that it's lined, generally simple and neatly-designed, with a date box at the top and a page box at the bottom.  I used this paper exclusively for notes when I was working, and for lectures when I was in Interior Design school.  I tend to grab this paper from my stash the most.  At $0.60/pack, it's dirt-cheap.

I like the simplicity of this paper.  And the Date/Page boxes
are a bonus, and don't take up too much room on the page.

For unlined paper, I have been using the Muji dotted-grid paper on the right for a while now.  It's available in both Personal- and Pocket-sized, and is very affordable at the equivalent of only about $1.25/pack.  Each pack contains 60 sheets, which comes out to only 0.02 cents/sheet!  I tried to find it online but it doesn't seem to appear on Muji's online stores.  I'm sure you'll be able to find these in the stationery section of your local Muji.

Lined paper on the left, Muji on the right

Muji also has Personal- and Pocket-sized top tabs.  They're a little bit thick, but can come in useful.

All Muji refills are priced at a standard $1.25.

I also have some FF-brand lined, ruled, to-do, finance, address/web address, and colored notepaper.  The colored sheets I like using in the Notes section, just for some color and interest.  The other sheets I use as needed.

I'm happy to have some other resources for paper for use in my Filofax because I live in the 'Land of No Filofax' stores. I have to buy everything online that's Filo-related.  With these cheaper, decent-quality paper, at least I know I will always have paper to use, and can stock up as they are very affordable.

And that's it for paper.  Next up, Pens.

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  1. Doris, I know it so well when you say you're in a no-filofax-store-land! So frustrating! :)

    1. Yes! We're in the same 'boat', so to speak. (:

  2. Hi you know if that lined paper can be purchased online? I'm in the US and I don't live near any Muji stores if they even exist here! Thanks!

  3. Hi Cheryl! I don't see the paper on the UK site so maybe they're not available for purchase online, but apparently, there are a few stores in New York. I found this article that says they're opening in the SFO area:

    I'll post here if I ever find them.

    1. Apparently, the US has an an online shop now, yay! I still don't see the paper though so maybe their Customer Service might help locate them for you.

      Good luck with your search and let me know how it goes.

  4. Sixty cents a PACK? That's amazing! Prices here are closer to sixty cents a SHEET.