Saturday, October 6, 2012

Anatomy of my Filofax: Accessories

Hi everyone!

Today's post is on the Accessories I use in my stay-at-home Filofax, still the pink Personal Baroque.  I don't have a lot in it.  It stays at home (duh!) so what I have in it are things that I need at hand right away.  If I do find a need for something else (hole punch, paper clip, etc.), I can just go get it since I'm home anyway.  Also, most of them are the back of the filo which is where I prefer to keep them.

Firstly, I use a tabbed fly-leaf in the Notes section that has some post-its stuck on it.  I mostly use these for disposable notes writing -- stuff to buy, stuff to do, etc.  I love these fly-leaves.  I put one in the Chameleon wallet/purse as well.

Tabbed fly-leaf as dashboard

Next, I have Avery round tabs as pagemarkers to mark (1) my Blog section, and (2) the current week.  I love these because they're big and bold and can be moved from page to page quite easily.

Pink tabs to match the pink Baroque (:

I also have 2 off the Filofax-brand plastic pagemarkers.  The 1st one marks off my Food tab.  I use it to choose a weekly menu from.  The 2nd one marks off the Finance section.


Next are jot pads that I slotted into a double-sided business card holder.  I love these jot pads!!  I use them for making short notes for handing out to people, sticking them into my diary week as a reminder for something important, and general note-taking.  I protected the front with a flyleaf since they tend to flap around a little bit.

Jot Pads!  Love!

At the back of the Jot Pads are some sticky tabs I use for my top tabs in case I need to change them up, some more small notepaper, and the details to my home Wi-Fi system for the tech guy to use when it needs fixing.

More random stuff

Next is a zip lock envelope that houses some pictures of my family.

Lastly, I have a two-sided plastic envelope that came with a Filofax I bought.  They contain the odd note, reinforcement patches, and some take-out menus that are small enough to fit in there.

This insert has the same pocket on both sides.

And that's it!  Not a lot, just a few doodads that I like having in there and use, and that make my filo work for me.

Next up, Paper.

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  1. I've always fancied giving the jot pads a go, will certainly order them next time I put in an order :)

    1. Hi, they're so useful, and last quite a bit of time. I think you'll like them. Regards.