Saturday, October 27, 2012

Will I Ever Go A5?

Hi everyone!

Even as a long-time planner and Filofax user, I have never used an A5.  I never even considered it.  It always seemed too big to me, which means I needed to carry a biggish bag or briefcase or computer bag.  I had those - the big laptop bag when I used to work - but I still didn't take the plunge then.

The Catalyst
As you may know, I use a pink Personal Baroque as a stay-at-home filo.  However, lately, it's been looking a little pudgy.  Which made me wonder if I should upsize.

Philofaxy is such an enabler!  And I mean this in the best sense.  (:  I've seen so many great A5s on there and on other Filo blogs.  Now that I've seen how others have set-up their A5s, and the plethora of A5s available (the Maldens, Chameleons and Finchleys are sooo pretty),  I wonder if I should upsize.  I'm having major A5 envy!

A5 Pros
As I see it, the A5 has two main things going for it:
(1) Writing real estate.  And who doesn't want more room to write in, right?, and
(2) An easy to print/cut/punch page size.

The Dilemma
If I go A5 though, I'll need a few things I dont' have:  a new diary, some notepaper, tabs/dividers, accessories, etc., etc.  I can only imagine the investment that would take, not to mention more and more binders in A5 if I happen to love it.

The Conclusion
This is where I'll be answering my own question -- "No, I will not upsize to an A5 in the near future!"  I can't justify the cost of buying more binders and inserts.  I like the portability of the Personal size too much and it's been working for me so far.  My A5 lemming is just that, a lemming.  To all the A5 users, I will just ogle your pretty little A5s from afar.

Whew!  I'm glad I got that out of my system!

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  1. I agree Doris! I bought an A5 Chameleon in raspberry because I thought one day I might use it for something, and it's beautiful. This was in July and it's still in its box.

    If you want writing estate, do what I do and have a week plus notes diary and day per page diary which I have in my slimline. Loads of writing space and a compact Filofax that fits in my handbag just fine!

    Maybe one day I'll use my A5, or maybe I'll just sell it. I'm a bit undecided at the moment!

  2. Hi Lucy! Glad to hear I'm not alone. (: Regarding the diary tip, I do love the Week plus Notes format the most. I don't have enough to do to fill up a daily page though, even when I was working. But I can imagine how much room that would be.

    Come to think of it, the Day per Page would be great for a journal filo! Hmmm something to consider ... Another use for some of those hibernating filos! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hey Doris, I would with what works for you, but bring some of those hibernating FF into play as space to expand your writing. Mind you don't stretch you Baroque too far so the button pings off!!

    Thanks for your address - I'll post the dry wipe labels tomorrow. They were half price - looks like my local Staple is downsizing the Martha Stewart range. I was tempted to clear the shelf but resisted the urge.

    1. No, thanks are in order from me !! I'm looking forward to getting it and copying what you did. I'll need to get some smallish dry-erase pens now (or will any pen do?) I love the Martha range, hope they don't downsize too much because a lot of the products are great.

      And yes, I'll be sure to take care of the Baroque. Re-assessing her contents is in the works. (:

  4. I'm having the same issue but I'm leaning toward the A5. I am really stifled in the personal size. Not enough room. I like lots of writing room but I do HATE carrying the A5. So creativity (when I use the A5 I'm much more creative) or convenience? That is the question.

  5. I still use A5 as a stay at home binder. It's were I keep track of stuff, run projects and plan when planning is over 1 month and further. I do love Personal size being so portable, so I'm in my personal size Regency as well, as a me binder.

    You can always slim down your Personal size and get an A5 as your stay at home. However, I can see what you mean about the costs..

    Good luck!
    Greetz Lady Filo (

    1. That's what I thought, the A5 for a stay-at-home like you. Then I talked myself out of it. (:

    2. maybe that's for the best! :) but i do love the extra space and the extra binder. I moved out of the personal size in the first place, because it had gotten too fat and bulky and therefore also too heavy to take out everywhere I go. I now use my compact for that.. :0

    3. Do you use your Compact as a wallet as well?

    4. The layout of the pockets is perfect to use as a wallet. I use the compact as an extension of my wallet. (do have a wallet addiction as well, unfortunately...) But if i want to "travel light", I do use my compact as a wallet and it's set up as a wallet too. Works pretty well for me!

    5. I do the same. I love using a Compact as a wallet! Been hankering after a Holborn. What kind do you use?

    6. I use a compact Regency in brown. It's really lovely! The pockets are a bit the same as the Holborn.. My fun Filo is a Personal Regency in black.... Had to have both colors..LOL

    7. Oooh, the Regency! I did notice that their internal pocket layouts are similar. You're right, perfect for a wallet. (:

    8. Yeah it's great! not completely similar, but the look quite alike. Maybe reed this review on Philofaxy first?

      Might be helpful! But guess you already read it. What color would you like to get it in?

    9. Hi again! Yes, there have been a few reviews, making me want it even more. (: And I'm leaning towards the brown.

  6. Bit of a quandary there. (: Let me know what you decide eventually.

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