Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guest Post from Vanjilla: "Personal Piccadilly vs. Personal Malden Filofax"

Hi everyone!

Vanjilla and I were emailing back and forth about two things:  (1)  for her to guest post on my blog, and (2)  about her black personal Piccadilly Filofax.  Who but her would do both at once and hit the proverbial two birds with one stone.  (:

I'm so excited to have her here.  I love her blog.  I'm sure most of you know her.  She writes such interesting posts, and can enable the most hardened Filofax enthusiast with her photography.  But if you've never met her before, please see for yourself here.


Doris is on a quest for a good vintage Filofax and I took some pictures of the Personal Piccadilly in black to help her on her voyage.

I must warn you, though: the Piccadilly is my true love affair! :)

Now let's get started!

The front line.

It is smooth and minimalistic and I find it very chic due to the understated, deep gloss it has and that is complemented by even glossier button on the clasp. You get the effect of a glossy, yet a bit matte leather and a shiny button - delight! :) I couldn't catch that very good on the photo, though - the shiny surfaces of the Filofaxes are really difficult to catch, I guess anyone who has tried it would agree! :)

I also like its a bit rounded looks - no spiky corners or hard lines here!

(I once told Doris I call this one "a Jackie O. of the Filofaxes" - I guess the rounded corners are her infamous sunglasses! :) )

The Piccadilly in Personal has two pen loops. A bless! Despite not being elasticated they're quite stretchy (the leather of it is very soft as opposed to some other vintage Filofaxes, like Windsor for example) - a Bic Fashion 2-Colour pen goes in without a problem.

Another of the features I love about the Piccadilly: horizontal card slots!!! I cannot explain it why, but they make a huge difference to me opposed to the usual vertical ones; the Filofax just feels much more comfortable with them ! :) And mind you, there are 8 of them (and the whole length pocket behind them).

 The classic zip pocket on the back inside. Nothing new here, therefore - watch the button / leather contrast instead! Yummeee! :)  (sorry, I just had to say it! :) )

Piccadilly is very similar to a Malden on touch: it has the same smooth and soft feeling if you stroke it, but it has more structure to it: the covers are not bendable as with Malden, they're a bit padded and therefore nicely soft, and the Piccadilly is built sleeker, less robust, and therefore looks smaller in comparison to Malden.
To show you the difference, I filled the Piccadilly with a year's worth of my W2P and left the rest in my Malden (I know, don't ask about the weight of it because I know how much it is!). It's almost like comparing a Compact to a Personal! See how well defined structure a Piccadilly has:

And still - the Piccadilly lays almost completely flat, even when new out of the box! Yay! :)

Piccadilly is made of a - pebbled? grained?- leather (the description on the cover says real leather), which has no stiffness to it like, say, the Finsbury.  And I like its pattern because it looks almost as if made from a very tiny lizard's skin.

There. Any other questions? :)

The Piccadillys were produced in Black, Brown, Navy, Blue (a really vibrant one!), Apple Green, Red and Yellow, I believe. I have an Apple Green one, too, you can check it here if you're curious. :)

Doris, good luck with your Vintage Filo Project - and thank you so much for letting me guest post on your blog!!!! :)xx


Make sure you check out her green Piccadilly in her link above.  It's gorgeous!  This post is making me seriously think about her Piccadilly!  Two pen loops, great interior layout, soft, soft leather!

Vanjilla, thanks so much for taking the time to write this guest post!  I look forward to reading more posts on your blog!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Doris, thank you so much for your kind introduction... are you sure it was me you were talking about??? :)

    1. Vanjilla, are you kidding?!? (: I love your photography! I wish I could take better pictures, but this is the extent of my photographic talents. (: