Sunday, November 18, 2012

Compact Filofax Dilemma: Malden vs. Holborn

Hi everyone!

Before trying out a Compact size, I was seriously hankering after an Aqua Compact Chameleon. I think it was Kate who pointed out to me that the Aqua Compact actually doesn't exist.  Now, I wanted the aqua because it was the one color missing from my personal Filofax collection.  I am shattered to find out it didn't exist, but I had to move on.

Enter the Compact Chameleon in Raspberry.  I love it and have been using it consistently since July.  I wrote about it here.  Knowing that the Compact was a size I could really use, I began trawling the internet again for one that I could get to switch with it to give it a rest once in a while.  (I haven't bought a Filofax since July, so give me a break, ok, LOL!)

Two Compact styles are appealing to me at the moment -- the ochre Malden and the brown Holborn.  I have an Ochre Malden and I love it.  I think the Compact in the same color will suit me well. Unfortunately, the ochre is a little hard to find right now, so I may just settle for the purple if one comes up somewhere.

The Holborn also looks really nice.  Those pockets!  This could really work as a wallet/purse, I just know it!

Dear readers, for those of you who have one or both, I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for your help, and thanks for visiting!

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