Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"I Love . . . White!"

Hi everyone!

I'm starting off the "I Love . . ." series with a color I love, white.  I know that white is actually a non-color, but for the sake of this post, I'll call it that.

I love decorating with white.  It's a color I never tire of.  When we first moved to this house, I got started decorating and knew that I wanted an almost all-white design.  I got around to getting almost all of the furniture painted, with the exception of a few things. My husband has joked that you can't stand still in the house or get painted white!

To me, white also makes everything look clean and airy and fresh.  And until just recently, you'd be hard-pressed to find inspiration online for white interiors so I had to improvise quite a bit.

Like most everyone, my design aesthetic has evolved over time.  I started with primitive country design when I was younger, and have moved on since then.  Lately, it's been French provincial (or I hope that's what I've achieved, LOL).

On to the photos --

I have a white bed, and use only mostly white sheets.

I love iron beds!

I only use white towels.

The fluffier the better!

My couches/arm chairs are slip-covered in white.
As seen in the "Where I Blog;" post.
A place to sit to read a book.

All of the framed mirrors around the house are white.

A mirror above a faux mantle.

A mirror above the bed in the guest bedroom.

My vanity is white. (I'll be writing more about vanity storage soon).

My Craft Studio is predominantly white, as written about here.

The shelving for extra storage are all white as well.

Extra shelving in the dining room.

Storage above the vanity.

As you can see, my taste is very informal and casual.  It's how we live.  This may not work for families with little children or pets, but my daughter is grown, and my dog is old and semi-comatose (: so this works for me.

What I don't like though is white walls, maybe because I think they're too clinical.  So I use subtle wall color all throughout the house.  Except for the attic where I painted the walls an ivory/eggshell color.

I do know that white everywhere will get boring so I try to accent and punctuate with some color -- red accessories to draw your eye around, some dark furniture to ground your eye, some light prints, etc.

A red vintage-style phone I've had for years.

Red flowers in shiny vases.

A red and black checkerboard in the
downstairs office area.

Shabby Chic napkin on a white dresser
(with the pink Baroques featured, LOL)

There's more, but I'm sure you get the picture by now.  I love how I did my house and have no current plans for decorating anytime soon.  I do re-arrange the accessories a lot around here but that's mostly all I do.  So for now, I'm still quite happy about what I've done so far.

Thanks for visiting!

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