Friday, December 14, 2012

Recipes Filofax

Hi everyone!

As I wrote in this post, I finally found a use for the Teal Pocket Filofax that Vanja gifted to me!  I now use it as my Recipes Filofax.

I rubbed on some brown lettering on the front page to identify it as such.

Then I made labeled dividers for each food category.  I didn't realize I'd need 12, but I did.

Numbered 1-6 tabs labeled with a label printer.

In this picture:


Followed by:

Seafood, and
New (for newly-tried recipes)
Notes (for Notes, LOL)

Each category would just have a list of dishes that are staples to our menu.  I'll choose from this pre-set list each week.

Any new recipes I'd write down on a blank piece of paper and file it under the appropriate category.  I usually just google new recipes I want to try.

New chicken dishes

A quick and easy microwave-able dessert

And I have blank sheets at the back for note-taking, with a pagemarker for each section.

Where new recipes get written

I'll probably need some Post-Its here for a shopping list

And that's what I've done for my Recipes Filofax. I love that I now have another use for one of my Filofaxes!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Love the idea of a recipe Filofax and I am interested to know the method of the microwave Nutella Mug Cake - can you give any more detail? Thanks

    1. Hi! It's as simple as mIxing the ingredients, pouring into containers, and popping in the microwave for 3 mins. One recipe makes 16 oz. I've used regular 8 oz. coffee mugs but ramekins are better.

      I'd be happy to email you the ingredients if you can't read it off here.


  2. Thanks Doris - I can read the ingredients and will be trying this recipe out on my family very soon. I follow your blog vie email & enjoy your Filofax ideas

    1. Hi again, and thanks for reading! Just wanted to add that this recipe was my daughter's -- she tried it out, and worked out the proportions until it was perfect for us. She's the foodie in the family and so much better in the kitchen than I will ever be. Giving credit where credit is due. (: