Monday, March 4, 2013

Longfellow in my Filofax

Hi everyone!

I've been such a bad blogger !!  I haven't written anything for almost a month, and I have no excuse . . . except to say that I haven't been inspired to write lately.

Today though, I wanted to write about something (and someone) special and close to my heart.

Growing up, I had been taught many, many poems by my grandfather.  He was of the old school being a war veteran (he went to Military School and retired a General), a prolific reader, and history buff.

Two of those poems I have always remembered and could recite by heart.  I was afraid that I would forget them however, so I went online and looked them up, copied them by hand, and they now live in my Filofax.

Coincidentally, they are both by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  Apparently, my grandfather was a fan.  I didn't even know when I was little that they were Longfellow poems.  I just knew that they were very memorable to me.

"The Arrow And The Song"

"A Psalm Of Life"

Obviously, this post is not about a Filofax set-up, or a new one I've acquired, but a way I've found to make my Filofax(es) personal and include in it some memories of people I love.

Thanks for visiting!