Saturday, October 26, 2013

Carrying Pens in a Midori

Hi everyone!

When I first started setting up the Midori, I used binder clips and a magnetic pen holder hack to hold 2 multi-pens and a fountain pen in it.

It worked ok.  The binder clips were quite secure and I had 3 pens easily accessible to me.  The magnetic hack though was not a great success.  Although the magnets were quite strong, it just felt flimsy and moved around quite a bit.

And of course, like all my other projects, I had to find a better way to do it.

Here are a few attempts at ‘building a better (mouse trap) pen holder”:

The obvious Midori pen holder that’s fat enough for a Lamy Safari.  Too small for the Muji multi pens though.

I also tried securing the pens in the elastic.

Here's a DIY leather thing-a-ma-jig.  Like all my projects, super-simple construction. Just a long piece of leather with strong magnets.  It can even double as a magnetic bookmark, which is how it started its life..

My two personal favorites --

Keeping pens in the zipper pocket, even if it makes the MTN fat and chunky.

And lastly, a two-sided, DIY refill-sized pen holder made of plastic folder material.  The pen holders themselves are kept secure with flat brads.  And the pens are always out and ready-to-use.

I switch between the last two, depending on where I am.  When going out, I’ll keep the pens in the zipper pocket so they don’t snag on anything in my handbag.  When at home, I take out the pens and put them in the DIY pen “insert”.

Hope this inspires you to find the best way for you to store your pens in your Filofax or MTN.

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