Sunday, October 13, 2013

There's Still Room For Filofax(es)

I’ve been in the Midori Traveler’s Notebook  for a month now, and I think I have a fairly good feel for it.  Despite being completely in love with it though, it just can’t do everything I want it to.

I tried to use the Midori as my everyday planner/notebook as well as my wallet.  However, it was just too chunky because of all the cards and coins I tend to carry.  So I used the Midori card insert as a Post-It pad and storage for miscellaneous stuff, and the zipper pocket now holds some stickers.

See how fat is is!

The pink Classic Slimline is now my wallet.  It only has the very barest of essentials in it -- cards I use all the time, receipts I need to keep, a few photos, and cash and coins.  The Slimline is just the perfect size for this.  The only other things on its rings are some important phone numbers.  No diary, no sheets of papers for notes, nada!  It’s really just a wallet.

Size difference between the Midori and Slimline
The Slimline is long and lean, just like the Midori
And because there aren’t any extraneous paper in it, it’s not as stuffed as my Filo wallets tend to be and I’m not straining the rings.  It doesn’t take up a lot of room in my bag, and the long, lean line of the Slimline is a nice size to hold in your hand.  Sometimes, I just take this and my phone when I’m out for a very short period of time.

I haven’t used the Slimline in maybe a year.  It’s nice to be able to use it again.  It’s one of the ones that made the cut when I was re-homing a lot of my Filo family, and I’m glad I kept it.  It’s a great shade of pink, and there are very few Slimlines that come in girly colors.

Now I know that even if I have moved on from using the Midori exclusively as an everyday organizer, there’s still room for a Filofax in my life.  In fact, there’s room for two because my Household Binder is still ring-bound.

And here they are together.

I’m happy being in the Slimline at the moment.  It’s a nice, no-fuss wallet, despite having rings.

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