Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pen and Sticky Note Pouch

Hi everyone!

Today, I thought I'd share with you the pencil/cosmetic pouch I currently use to store the pens and sticky notes I use on a daily basis.

Match-y match-y in black
Since moving into the Midori as my everyday planner, I've had a little bit of fun experimenting with post-its and stickers and playing around with highlighters.  I needed something to corral all these so I looked around my stash of bags and pouches and found this Red Earth cosmetic pouch that I've had for the good part of a decade.  (Red Earth is an Asian brand and I got this for free after buying from their store in HongKong.)

I love this pouch!  It's super sturdy, cleans easily, and is quite mythical in the amount of junk it can hold.

Let me show you!

It has two main zippered compartments.

Fabric heart and charms

I used Glossy Accents to attach a fabric heart to the front of the pouch to distinguish the front of the pouch from the back.

The front compartment opens on all three sides and has slots for pens and a full-length slot on the far side.
Pen slot with everyday pens/corrector
 The back pocket opens only on the top and has a main compartment plus two smaller ones on the back side.

Back compartment

This is all the stuff the front compartment holds:  binder cliips I use for GTD, 3 multi pens, 2 retractable Frixions, a Sharpie fineliner, a corrector pen, a pen eraser, bear & frog sticky notes, paper clips on Starbucks card, flower Post-Its, non-stick flags for little notes, and a full set of masking stickers.
Contents of front compartment

The back compartment doesn't contain quite as much but I can stuff even more in there if I wanted.  It currently holds 6 highlighters, an extra paper clip, a glue stick, Post-It Flags times two and small square Post-Its in matching colors.

Contents of back compartment
And here are all the contents together.

It always amazes me how much this thing holds.  I've looked around for something else to replace it but have yet to find something that can organize as well but isn't quite so big.  I'm tempted to get the Document Wallet everyone's been using, but I'm holding off to see how well I get on with this.

I rotate my Post-Its quite a bit so I can use them all up.  I'll show you how I store the rest of it in another post.

Thanks all for visiting!

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