Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sticky Notes to Decorate

Hi everyone!

Like most of you, I've acquired some sticky notes that I thought were cute.  I know though that I'll never be able to use them all up, or that I'd get tired of them.

As I was setting up my Personal Finchley as a home binder, I tried to change up my front cover from my usual boring info page.  I tried out a few sticky notes and came up with this.

Simple, and fun and festive, I think.
I also tried gluing sticky notes onto stuff, starting with these notebooks that I thought had pretty colors, and were less than $3 so I wouldn't feel so bad if I messed them up.

Soft, subtle hues, perfect for decorating

Puzzle Sticky notes Mod Podge'd onto front and back of notebook 

And then it occured to me that I could have made them into stickers with a Xyron, duh.  Maybe next time.  Although, I think the Mod Podge is a more durable alternative for this project.

Lastly, a new cover page I started today using 3 kinds of sticky notes and washi tape.  I think it turned out a little spooky, but it'll do for now.  (Maybe I'll change out the faces depending on my mood.)

Set-up of this Filo to follow.  (I love those tabs!)

I always protect the front of my Filos with a flyleaf so the stickies won't be flying around anytime soon.  As we all know, the decorative stickies don't always stick very well.

That's all I've been able to do so far.  I'm sure you'll have more and better ideas.  I'd love to see what you do with sticky notes.

Thanks for visiting!

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