Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Planner Supplies/Stationery Storage

Hi everyone!  I have another storage post for you today.

As the title suggests, I'd like to show you how I store my stationery supplies.

Caboodles case making another appearance

I've used this Caboodles case off and on over the years.  It made its first appearance on this blog when I used it as interim storage for nail polish before I found the storage that suited me.

Today, it is my lug-around, carry-anywhere tote for stationery, stickies, and tools that I use most everyday.  I got tired of running to and from my craft area for supplies when I needed them so I thought I'd contain everything in one place.

I love this thing, it holds so much!  And it has withstood years of use and abuse from both me and my daughter.

It's crammed full, but believe me, there's room to grow.  (:

It's stored under my bed at night, within easy reach should I need anything.

On the left side are mostly sticky notes, both 'decorative' and Post-it brand.

On the right side are smaller stickies, memo pads, correction and decorative tape, and a calculator.

At the very back is a long tray for pens/pencils, underneath which is a another long compartment for odd-sized things.

(For some reason, this photo rotated and I can't fix it, sorry)

Cases for clips and binders, an embossing labeler, tape and staple-less stapler.
Longer pads are at the back.

Cases for clips
Some tools

I'm quite enjoying having everything in one place.

How do you store your planner goodies?

Thanks for visiting!

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