Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Project: DIY Bookmarks

Hi everyone!

Like some/most of you, I love puffy stickers.  I've bought a few knowing that I couldn't use them on my diary pages because they would be lumpy and bumpy to write on.  (But I bought them anyway.)

When I found these for less than $1, I couldn't resist!

(Please excuse the lighting in the photos that follow -- my craft area has very little natural light.  The task light serves its purpose but is not the best for photos.)

I've stuck some on a few things below.

Hello Kitty puffy sticker on an Avery tab

A couple more stickers on the Leuchtturm pen loop

As per my usual, I was racking my brains for other ways to use them, and then I had a lightbulb moment -- bookmarks?

These are my first two attempts and there's lots of room for improvement.  Basically, I stuck the sticker on top of a piece of plastic -- clear on the lamb and white on the hippo -- cut the outline of the sticker and then the flap that sticks into the pages.

I washi taped the clear plastic on the lamb one for color and interest.

Here's what they look like on the page

and when your book/Filofax is closed.

These are the only tools I used.  The 1/16 inch (I think) Martha Stewart punch just made it easier to cut the outline of the bookmark flap.  I used a cutter/blade for that (oops, not in the photo!).

One tip I learned by trial and error:  cut out the outline of the sticker first before the flap so you know how wide you need it to be (and so you don't cut off the bottom entirely).

Now I can't wait to work on some more.

Honestly, I don't know if there are tutorials of these on the web because I just went ahead and made them without checking.  I'm sure someone will come up with a better way to do this and I'd love to see what you've done if you've tried this yourself.

Thanks for visiting!

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