Friday, January 3, 2014

Using a Filofax as a Pen Case

Hi everyone,

For 2014, one of the changes I've been making to my diary is to use erasable pens because I want to make my pages as clean and neat as possible.

I got some Muji erasable pens in the colors I use, and a brown Frixion, a color Muji doesn't carry.

Having been used to multi-pens, I was looking for a way to carry my pens in my Filofax.  It wasn't a problem switching pens at home, but when I'm out, pulling out a pencil case isn't always very handy.

You may remember I sold a lot of Filofaxes.  This made getting this next Filofax a guilt-free purchase.  I've been wanting a blue/aqua/teal personal size Filofax for a while now and finally got the Aqua Chameleon.  I've been using it for about a month , and I'm loving it.  One of the reasons is this:

I can fit 6 pens in the back zipper pocket!  And the Muji pens are not by any means 'thin' pens.

The leather is much softer than I remember from my Compact Raspberry.  Althought the back pocket on that was roomy, I never really used it for coins because I liked seeing what I had, and used a clear zipped pocket for coins.

For perspective, I have a full year's worth of 2014 WO2P inserts, lots of notepaper, stickers, sticky notes, etc. So the Chameleon set up is not a svelte one.  (My next post post will be a detailed set up which I haven't done in quite a while.  There have been major changes so I think it's worth an update.)

Enough rambling, here are more photos of how the Chameleon looks with pens in the zipped pocket.

Still closes, even with 2 Coletos.

Strap is stretched out a bit, but it wasn't hard to close at all.

Bulk doesn't show from the front.

There it is, the Chameleon as a pencil case! I just love it when something works out like this!

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  1. My Filofax looks like a pregnant sea-cow but I think yours wins the prize. Nice

    1. Pregnant sea-cow planners are the best! (: Thanks for the comment!