Saturday, March 15, 2014

Carry-along Pencil Case

Hi everyone!

I know most of us carry our daily planners around with us.  But, have you ever been out, waiting to meet someone, or having a moment to spare, that you decide to get up-to-date on your planning, and realize that you didn't have one or two of the tools you need?

I confess, I have!

In an effort to downsize the contents of my bag, I 'try' to carry only what I think I will need.

Having had more than enough of these moments however, I decided to carry with me a few things that will make planning/writing more efficient and fun.

At the moment, I'm loving this tandem!  This is my everyday, carry-with-me-everywhere planner, and now, the pencil case I carry as well.

kikki.k Mint Medium Planner and Pencil Case
The pencil case is a very basic, one compartment affair.  It's quite roomy, and made of a durable vinyl that cleans up easily.  The zipper is strong and sturdy and opens all the way around so you have full access to the contents.

Here's the lot!

It may look like a lot but it really isn't.  And everything fits into the pencil case snugly.

These sticky notes, I think, are my favorite to use out of all I own because they stick really well.  I use Post-It brand as well but have those stuck on flyleaves in the planner/Filo.
Top, from L to R:  Galison, kikki.k,
Daiso, Martha Stewart and Muji.

(L)  Frixion Slims 0.38 in the colors I use to color.  (R)  Muji scissors, Uni highlighter,
Martha Stewart glue pen, Pilot Plumix fountain pen, and eraser pen.

Masking stickers, Cloud sticky notes,flags, and some clips.

I love having them with me to make sure I enjoy writing and planning, whenever the opportunity strikes.

Do you do the same?  What do you carry in your on-the-go pencil/stationery case?

Until later, thanks for visiting!

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