Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Traveling with the Midori TN

Hi everyone!

My previous post was about traveling with the Midori TN for the first time. Here's how the Midori fared on the trip.

When I went back from using a Midori to a Filofax as my everyday planner, the Midori was just sitting around doing nothing.  Then I started using it again as a Book of Lists and Quotes.  I have a section for quotes in my Home Binder and everyday planner, so I thought I'd write them in the Midori and 'immortalize' them and make the pages pretty.  Since I can't draw to save my life, it's stickers and sticky notes for me.

Section for Quotes and Poems
Section for Lists

I used the refill with perforated pages. And I used a Pilot Plumix medium italic pen because it makes my handwriting prettier.  It's a joy to use with the Midori's high-quality, fountain pen-friendly paper.

Pilot Plumix Medium Italic nib.  Writes 'almost' like calligraphy.
While planning our weekend vacation, I decided to use the Midori as a Travel Journal, wallet and passport/ticket holder.  It was great for that!  It's' the perfect size to hold tickets, boarding passes, itineraries, and even bills and coins.

Here's the order in which I set it up:

  1. Grid notebook for notes pages on places we wanted to see, restaurants we wanted to try, gifts we wanted to buy, our itinerary, and our mobile phone roaming info.  I used Cathy_Vee's dashboard for Post-Its.
  2. Refill with perforated pages as Journal.
  3. Plastic insert to hold stickers.  The zipped side held currency.
  4. Kraft folder for tickets, boarding passes and passports.

Grid notebook held notes for the trip

Zipped pocket insert as wallet.
Credit card holder for cards.
Kraft folder for travel documents.

And of course, it's perfect as a Travel Journal.

I used Smash Pad cards, stickers, washi tape and sticky notes to decorate and document. I also stuck in tickets to shows and my $1 casino refund (I spent a grand total of $10, and that's HK$!  We're not gambling folk!)

The Filofax didn't see much action this weekend and stayed in the hotel room the entire time.

All in all, it worked amazingly!  Whoever invented this thing is a genius!  It was a real workhorse in a pretty little package.  I'll be sure to continue to do this for future trips.  It was so convenient, easy to use, and pretty to boot.

If you're on the fence about getting one, but have no immediate use for it, think about it as a real Traveler's Notebook and it will serve its purpose pretty well.

(I had fun collaging so there wouldn't be too many photos for you to scroll through.  Let me know if it's something you find better to read/scroll through.)

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  1. Hi! Can I ask where did you buy your Midori? Thanks!

    1. Hi, I bought it and all inserts online from Scribe carries it here too but it it's more expensive and their stock of inserts is very limited.

  2. Hi! Love reading your blog =) may i ask do ships here in the philippines? thanks! =)

    1. Hi cring! Yes they do ship to Manila. Their minimum shipping is around 450 pesos I think.

  3. Hey there! I was wondering how you got everything into your notebook? I'm trying to get 4 inserts, plus 2 folders, in mine and I'm having some difficulty. Thanks!

    1. Hi Holly, I have three elastics in my book. I just to sting two more in the same holes in the notebook. Hope that helps.

  4. Hello! Just want if your orders were delivered straight to your door or did you have to pick it up at the post office? I'm worried I'll have to pick up the package at the Pasay PO and they'll ask me to pay expensive tax for it.