Monday, May 12, 2014

Flyleaves: You Can Never Have Too Many

Hi everyone!

Here's a topic I don't think I have elaborated on very much.

I love flyleaves!  My planner is chock-full of them!  I use them for so many things -- as dividers, to stick notes on, sticky note storage, etc.  Should I need to purge a few pages though, I re-evaluate which I don't really need and they're the first to go.

I have quite a few in my planner now and I thought I'd show you how I use them:

1.  Sticky Note Storage

      I use a fold-out flyleaf for lots and lots of stickies for quick notes.  They then get filed into where they belong within my sections, or tossed out when they're no longer relevant.

There's also a flyleaf with sticky notes right next to my meal planner so I have someplace to write quick notes.

2.    Week Divider

       I do sometimes use just a plain divider using the dividers below.

I prefer accessing the week from the bottom so I cut them slightly longer and punch so that a little bit peeks out at the bottom.

You can juuuust about see it peeking from the bottom  (:
Sometimes though, I want to see my whole week at once and use a folding flyleaf instead.  I made this out of plastic book cover material with a tab on the bottom for easy access.
Flyleaf with tab.  Folds in and holds reminder stickers.

Folds in and out from the left side and holds more stickies on the back.

FF tabbed divider edged with washi

The Blog section also has a divider for stickies.

3.   Divider

      I use a flyleaf as a divider for the To Do section which is within the Notes tab. (I'll be writing about how I use to do lists soon as I have them scattered everywhere.)

Flyleaf with tab at top for the To Do section

I also sometimes use discards from Project Life dividers.
And I think that's it.  I  like having a few scattered around, almost in every section, because there's always a use for them.  I love flyleaves!  (:

How about you?  Do you have flyleaves in your planner?  How do you use them?

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  1. LOVE the idea of the fold out fly leaf! Never thought of that before- going to make one tomorrow! Thanks for the tip