Friday, October 5, 2012

Filofax as Household Binder

Hi everyone!

Recently, I've been sticking to using only the Personal-sized Filofax for my stay-at-home binder and a Compact for my wallet/purse.  I enjoy the space the Personal provides (vs. the Pocket size) and have stuck to using them for a few months now.  This means I have a few more Personals lying around with no purpose so I commissioned a Personal Jade Finchley as a Household Binder.  (Come to think of it, I have a few Pockets that need a purpose as well.)

I created a cover page for it.

Homemade cover page

I used the A-Z index tabs to alphabetize my entries.

A-Z tabs

As you can see, I filed my Travel pages (big pink tab) in here which contains a packing list so I can just move it to my travel filo, and it's ready to go whenever I need it.

I also created a Legend page so I can access under which letter I file the data.

"Legend" Tab

Alphabetized Filing

Obviously, I won't be showing you the actual pages.  (:

This is just another way I use a Filofax.  I know there are tons of other uses but I have yet to find more that work for me.

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  1. Great idea - I think household binders are a great idea and I really like your idea of categorizing by A - Z

    1. Hi Morag! Glad you like the post, and thanks for stopping by!