Monday, July 30, 2012

Filofax Guest Posts on the Web

Hi everyone!

Prior to blogging, I had written a few guest posts on Philofaxy and Vanjilla's blogs.  I wrote about the binders I was using at those times.  I have moved on since then, but what I wrote still ring true.

(I refer to them here only for a brief history of what I have used and done in the past.  Please don't hesitate to skip them if you're not interested.)

Shameless plugging ensues . . . (:

  1. 'Meet Emma' - My first guest post on Philofaxy, featuring Emma, the name I gave to my Pocket Malden.  If you're not familiar with Philofaxy yet, I suggest you take a look.  There's a whole wealth of information there about organizing, planning, Filofax's history, Time Management, and other useful and interesting stuff.  It's a very helpful community, and I've 'met' some very good people there!
  2. 'Meet the Baroques' - A side-by-side comparison of the Pocket Malden and Pocket Baroque.  Guess which one I prefer.  (:
  3. 'Meet the Classics' - A guest post on Vanjilla's blog.  She has some lovely Filos herself, and I'm so honored to have guested on her blog.

I also turned in a snapshot of my week using a Dodopad Diary in Angela's blog,

Thanks for visiting!

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