Sunday, August 12, 2012

If I Had To Choose Just One Filofax . . .

Hi everyone!

Laurie once asked this question on Philofaxy: "If I had to get rid of all my Filofaxes except one, which one would I keep?"  At that time, I couldn't choose between the pink pocket Baroque and personal antique rose Finchley.

This post will answer two questions.  (1) Which is my favorite Filofax?, and (2) If I had to choose just one, which one would I keep?

To answer the 1st question . . .

I love my pink personal Baroque!  It's a great size and color.  I prefer the Personal as an everything-in Filo, and have never used an A5.  The leather is soft and smooth outside with the famous inside embossing.

Stuffed Personal Baroque

The inside front pocket has a very functional layout of pockets.  The zipped pocket holds so much.  I keep a flash drive and bluetooth device in there most times, it can even fit a pen/pencil and/or some sticky tags.  The cards section is empty of cards because I keep those in my wallet.  It only holds a bookmark at the moment.

At the back is a notepad slot which I prefer to a zipped pocket.  --  I prefer the notepad to a zipped pocket in the inside back cover.  And I love the capacity, it can hold so much.  I can use it as both planner and purse/wallet if I choose to.

Love the embossing!

The Baroque and Malden in the personal size are very similar.  They are my two favorite styles.

Going back to the subject title . . . I didn't have this Filofax when Laurie asked that question or I would have been able to respond right away.  I felt I had to have both a pocket AND a personal to function properly because I also use a filofax as a purse/wallet.  And, that's what I've been doing for a while now.

But if I had to choose just one, which one would I keep . . . ?

Having had a bit more time to mull it over, I can now say I can narrow it down to just one, and that would be the pink pocket Baroque.

Plain outside
A true workhorse

"Why?", you may ask, after raving on about the personal size.

It's because the pocket is the easier to carry around.  It will fit in most bags, and it can really handle my life if I'm careful with what I put in it.  Also, not all my bags can handle a personal size (I have to rectify that situation).

And it's the pink Baroque that makes my heart sing!

And isn't that what's important in life?  (:

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  1. I love the baroque! There's something about that design that makes me want it, really really badly :)

    It's not in a5 size (I don't think) which is probably a good thing :) I might have to have it if it was

  2. Hi, and thanks for stopping by! I completely agree with you. Now that I have all sizes of the Baroque, I'm not looking at other styles as much as I used to. (: And no, I don't think I've ever seen it in the A5.

  3. Doris, I definitely agree with everything you said, and you're so right about the pocket Baroque capacities! I have never seen a pocket sized binder that could take so much in! :)

    1. Hi Vanjilla! And yes, it's amazing. I'm guessing you love your Baroque as much as I do. (: I hope to see a post about yours soon.

  4. Geez, my heart went frantic when I saw a pink baroque on my feed! THEN the title suggested you were going to pick one or the other? I almost passed out. My mind spun thinking "is she selling a Personal pink Baroque? is she selling a personal pink Baroque?" I could barely finished reading the post, I was anxiously scrolling up and down searching for melodie-like sentence "if interested email me at ____"

    Bummer! NONE!

    Well, then I decided to read again and finally without that crazy rush I can say - YAY for Baroques and for loving it so much! :))

    Do you have all sizes in pink? You neeeed to show it off sweetie, pleeeease!

  5. Hi Lime Tree! So sorry to disappoint! ): I'm not quite ready to give them up yet since I only acquired them this year. I do have the pink in all sizes, the personal being the most recent. I'll do a post on them soon, just for you!

    Thanks for your comment!

  6. I am also a Baroque fan. I have a mini in Teal which I utterly love. If they had done an A5 Baroque in Teal, that would have been my Holy Grail Filofax. And speaking in fantasy terms, I would love to see an A5 in purple :)

    1. Hi Janet! Like Tracy, above, the A5 would seem to have been a popular size in the Baroque if they had produced it. And ooooh, other colors would be nice, although I also love the colors they had done initially.

      Nice to see you here, thanks for commenting!