Monday, October 22, 2012

"What's In My Bag?"

Hi everyone!

Not long ago, before people were blogging, "What's in my Bag?" photos could only be seen in magazines.  I remember loving to see photos of celebrities' bag contents.  This amazed and intrigued me, and I was curious to see what others found necessary to carry around with them.  Now though, it's so much easier with Google to search online and get a fix.

As a card-carrying member of the female race, I too carry around a lot of stuff with me.  I have recently re-organized my bag though, and 'tried' to trim down its contents to its bare minimum.  And so, I thought I would do a "What's In My Bag?" post.

My bag is a black Cole Haan hobo.  I was on the search for a black bag since I didn't have one I loved.  When looking/shopping for bags, I'm always attracted to browns and/or color so I have a ton of those, and always find black bags boring  (the same principle applies to my Filofaxes).  My wardrobe however remains neutral, with a lot of black.  But I knew I needed one, and right away.  And I finally found one I loved -- it's big and roomy, has lots of pockets, closes with a zip, and is made of very sturdy pebbled leather.


Bag with contents out.  Not too bad, right?  (:

Everything in the bag I find I need on a daily basis.  So I don't think there is anything here that is unnecessary.   So far.  (:

This next photo is of my phone (in the Mickey case), sunglasses, mints, cologne and bag tag that doubles as 'that thing-a-ma-jig you hang on a table to hang your bag from'.  Mickey may seem juvenile to some but I love the simple 'body parts' design and have quite a few of those.

Up next, my Compact Chameleon that I wrote about here that is my everyday wallet/purse.  The makeup bag  just has powder, blush, lipstick/lipgloss and a few brushes.  (I need to trim down the brushes further, I don't need all of those.)

Compact Chameleon front and center

Finally, keys, tape measure (for sizing when out shopping), compact hair brush/mirror, perfume, hand sanitizer, hair tie (for when I get hot), and tissues in the black/white/pink striped case.

Missing in the photos is a book.  Whatever I'm reading at the moment would be on my bedside table and would only go in the bag if I knew I would need it (waiting at a doctor's office, waiting anywhere, LOL).

And that is it.  Not very exciting.  Just bits of random stuff.  I'm sure some ladies can relate to some of the contents.

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