Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Swapped for a Personal Red Amazona Filofax !

Hi everyone!

I called out to all the Filofax enthusiasts out there to do a Filofax swap in this post.  Lady Filo answered the call and we worked out a swap - her red Personal Amazona (her first one!) for my brown Pocket Amazona and mini Ochre Malden.

A few weeks later, I had the lovely Amazona.!  It's so pretty!  I'm more a pink girl than a red girl, but I love it anyway.  I've been lemming for a Personal Amazona for ages, particularly the black and almond, and took her up on her offer of her red one because I was having a hard time finding one I liked.  (She has since gotten both a black AND an almond and I'm sooo jealous!  She wrote about them in this post.)

On to the pictures!

I tried to move the contents of my stay-at-home filo into the Amazona, but the snap wouldn't close.  (The Malden is so forgiving I tell you!)  So I used it as a wallet instead and gave my Compact Chameleon a rest.  It deserved one, I'd been using it since July!

Red Gorgeousness !

Secretarial pocket AND two pen loops !
Crocodile print !

I've written about the contents of my Compact as a wallet so I won't repeat everything.  Just for kicks though, here are a few more photos.

I need another pen to put into the 2nd pen loop.

The Notes section

Homemade side tabs and Uni Style Fit gel pen

Now if someone out there had a pocket Ochre Malden they're willing to swap, I'm your girl!

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  1. Hi! aaaaw soooo nice to see her again!! I can see she's been taking good care of! Glad to see she works out for you.. I've been replacing the 'emptiness' with the arrival of two new Amazona's in Black and Almond... But you have an older version... The pockets on the left are full leather and the newer ones aren't.
    Enjoy yours! Looks great!

    1. Hi! I saw your Amazonas and they're gorgeous. I didn't know about the pockets being non-leather on the newer versions. How lucky am I yours is older. (: Regards!

  2. Oh I'm so in love with that Amazona... Let me know if you ever wish to part with it, I'd gladly take it off your hands :)

    1. I'm sorry to say that I had swapped back with her because I didn't love it as much as I thought. She's happier with it now.

    2. Oh how gutting... I love the look of it! X

  3. I'm a little late to the party now 2018, and craving a RED AMAZONA MINI will swap dollars, Cherry Red Finsbury, or my Firstborn child...first and last name at gmail dot com will reach me!