Sunday, March 31, 2013

"I Love . . . MUJI !"

Hi everyone!

Continuing with my "I Love . . ." series of posts, today, I will be professing my love for all things Muji.

I love going into Muji.  There's always something that will catch my eye, and I will always take something home.  All of what I have bought from Muji I use regularly and enjoy everyday.  I have found things to use in the bathroom, skin care (!), and especially, accessories for my Filofax!

Filofax Accessories

Hole Punch.  The first thing I ever bought for my Filofax was this 6-hole punch.  It cuts extremely well because the 'teeth' are made of steel.  I can cut 3-4 sheets at a time, unlike the flimsy Filofax-brand plastic hole punch which only cuts a sheet at a time, if that.  Unfortunately, it doesn't come in a Personal size, but I check every time I'm in there, just in case.

Pocket-sized hole punch.
These punch through scrapbooking paper withe ease.

Pens.  I love these Muji multi-pens!  I wrote about them in this post.  I gave mine to my sister and only recently got another one for myself.  In case you didn't notice, it has 5 colors, a pencil AND an eraser which is located at the very tippy top.  If Muji came out with multi-pens with erasable ink, I'd be all over them!!

Clean design, typical of Muji

Paper inserts.  Muji stocks both Personal and Pocket sized inserts.  Below are just some of them.  I used the top tabs (bottom of pile) for a bit.  They're thick cardboard, which is great, but do take up a lot of ring space so I just used them as templates for my plastic top tabs.  They come in Personal and Pocket size.  The grid and lined paper come in both sizes as well.

Top tabs, lined/unlined paper, for both Personal and Pocket.

Undated Calendars.  I also got some undated calendar pages, for use mainly for my wallet/purse.  I've used these on and off, depending on how 'thick' my wallet Filo is.  If I don't have enough ring space, I use these instead of a regular dated calendar.


Finally, Stamps!  I got the Checklist stamp first and wrote about it here.  I'm still using it, and I'm finding I've gotten so used to it that I get lost when I don't have the to-do list/appointment list separation (:  I have yet to find a use for the Box stamp but I have a few ideas that I'll write about soon.

Checklist & Box stamps

Rubber side up
How I use the Checklist stamp (:
Appointments near the ring,
To-Do list near the edge.


I usually buy storage from Ikea.  However, I couldn't resist these bathroom organizers.  They're functional, easy to clean, have clean lines, are reasonably-priced, and stackable!  I use them in the bathroom to store sundry items.

These stackable containers are great!  I use them for Q-Tips, dental floss, lip balm, skin care samples, etc., etc.

Plastic refillable containers that are great for travel:  these contain Becca Skin Perfector highlighter (left) and Guerlain foundation primer with SPF (right).

Skincare (yes, Skincare!)

And lastly, I was in need of a toner and makeup cleanser.  I prefer cleansing oil to any other makeup remover.  However, my regular brand has been discontinued.  Pity, because that was a Korean drugstore brand that sells for $2.  While looking online for a replacement, the Muji cleansing oil came up, and I bought it and tried it.  Mini review:  it's great!  It's not as good as Mac Cleansing Oil, which is my favorite, but comes really, really close.  For less than half the price of the Mac, I'll gladly use this.  The toner is ok as well.

Muji Toner & Cleansing Oil

And I think that's all the Muji goodies I have so far.  I have to stop myself from hoarding stuff when I'm in there.  So far, everything I've gotten has been used and loved.

I would love to hear what Muji goodies you love.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. That is a really cool stamp - the checklist stamp. I thought you drew those by hand.

    1. Ha ha! It takes long enough stamping. I don't think I have the patience to draw these individually. (: Thanks for the comment!

  2. My daughter was given a set of felt tip pens several years ago and they are still going strong! Love the stamps!

    1. I have yet to try their other pens as I have so many others, but will definitely consider them. That stamp is now a can't-live-without.

  3. I wish I can find that hole punch in my Muji, I don't even see it on their website. Can you let me know what Muji store you got it from because I would love to call them and purchase it. My email is