Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jewelry Storage

Hi everyone!

For months and months, I was searching for the best, cheapest, most efficient jewelry storage.  I was considering the Muji jewelry storage here, but I didn't want to spend so much money.  The other issue I had with it was that the jewelry inserts only fit the 2-drawer unit, and I needed at least 4 drawers, which meant even more money.  Also, I already had similar storage that I didn't want to waste.

Open.  Fits 2 removable units.

Closed.  Designs vary.

I racked my brain until I was getting headaches (!).  Finally, I figured out what to do.

I got a 2nd set identical to the one above.  This is a 2-unit system where you choose the jewelry insert you need, much like the Muji, but at about 1/4 the price.  I chose inserts different from what I already had for different sizes of jewelry.  I now had 4 units, and it was more than enough room.

I then had a simple box construction built that would exactly fit these units.  I designed it with 4 shelves, with a 5th big one underneath for spill-over and/or less-used pieces.

It lives in a locked part of my night stand.  The bottom used to just be an open shelf so I had a door built and placed a lock on the side so as not to clutter the front.

Closed.  You can see the keys on the right side where I had the lock placed.

Open, it houses books, stuff, and the jewelry storage.

The units slide out like drawers so it's easy to pull one out to choose what I want to wear.  Each of the jewelry inserts came with a small tab and I made it bigger and more user-friendly by just tying a small white ribbon to it.  The white ribbon also makes it more visible against all that black.

White ribbon pull-out tabs added.

Units slide out like drawers.

The 'drawers' slide out almost all the way and hold up pretty well.  But there's nothing stopping it from falling off.

One drawer pulled out almost all the way.

Now that I've been using it a few weeks, I love what I did.  It's easy and convenient and didn't cost a lot of money.  I had someone construct the box which is about half a day's work for an experienced carpenter.  All I had done to it cosmetically was get it painted a quick coat of white paint on the outside.

I'm so happy with it!  I wish I had thought of this sooner!

Necklaces are kept separately in my closet. This was a DIY as well.  It's made of a bar with hooks, and it slides into one of those drawer rollers so that I can pull it out to easily see what I have.

And on a Filofax-related note, I keep an inventory of my jewelry in my Filofax. (:

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