Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hi everyone!

As some of you may remember reading, I was on the hunt for a pocket Malden in ochre for a while now.  I even tried to swap for it in this post.  I think people are attached to their ochre Maldens however, so I didn't get any takers.

A few weeks ago though, an ebay saved search, and tons of patience, paid off.  I finally got one in the price range that I was willing to pay.  I finally had my hands on the Malden that I had been lemming.  I wanted the pocket ochre because I love my personal Malden so much that it had to have a baby brother (or sister, whichever).  I wrote about the setup and contents of my personal Malden in this post.

On to the pictures. I'm sure you've seen tons of pocket Malden photos, but not of mine (hah!), so here goes:

It needs to go on a diet, it's a bit of a stretch to close.

The set-up of this pocket is the same as I set up my pocket wallet/purse filos.  I wrote about it here.

It's a fatso!  (:

Fanned view.  I finally got my hands on a replacement Muji pen.
I gave my other one to my sister.

Coins go in a zip pocket.  I think I found this and punched it myself.
Not sure anymore where I got it though.

Notes/Paper currency go in the full-length wallet.

Shot of the siblings.

At one point, I had a mini, but I had swapped it away to Lady Filo who will appreciate it more.  The mini was just too small for my needs.

Personal and Mini together

So my search for my pocket ochre Malden is now over, and I'm a happy camper.  Isn't it great when things work out?

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    1. Oh, wow, thanks! I'll get to the Q&A's over the weekend. And I just realized I need to catch up on your posts. (:

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