Thursday, May 30, 2013

"I Love . . . PINK !"

Hi everyone!

I have written about a lot of things I love.  In this series, I have written about my love of white interiors.  But white is not the only color I love.  In fact, I love black in my wardrobe, white in my furniture, and today, I have a confession to make:  I love pink in most everything!

Despite my age, I'm drawn to anything pink.  I stop in my tracks when I spy anything pink.  My eyes instantly zoom to this color for most things -- Filofaxes, bags, lotion bottles, storage boxes -- you name it!  I limit this to one room in the house though, my bedroom.  They're squirreled away in drawers or cupboards, so you don't really see them all at once.  My bedroom by no means looks like a Barbie dollhouse, but they're there!

(My very understanding husband doesn't say a word. I love that he doesn't mind at all.  LOL.)

First off, my laptop computer.  When I had to get a new one after my old one died, I bit the bullet and went for a pink one.  After years of using black laptops, it was time to go pink!  I thought I was going to get tired of it, but it's been more than 2 years now, and I still love it.  I also got a smaller 10" one (is this called a Netbook? I'm not sure) so that it's more portable.  I wouldn't have it any other way!

Next off, storage boxes.

I have a weakness for storage in general and pink storage boxes in particular.

I've written about the boxes on the left before that live on top of my vanity.  The nesting boxes on the right were a purchase years ago.  They've moved around the house a lot, and they currently contain odds and ends that have no other place.

Boxes that contain makeup extras & supplies.
Floral pink/green luggage-type boxes.

And of course, where else can there be pink furniture but at my vanity.    I previously used a plain straight-backed chair (below) that I covered in pink fabric.


I recently replaced it with a floral vanity armchair that was my grandmother's.  The armchair is much, much comfier.  (You may also notice that I changed the location of my vanity.)


Pink Packaging

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for cute and pretty packaging.  But I'm a bigger sucker for cute, pretty, AND pink packaging.  All things being equal, I'll go for the pink.  It just makes me feel feminine when I take it out to use it.  Case in point:

Soap & Glory lotion, hand cream,
and EOS lip balm
Benefit blushes

Of course, what's inside matters too.  I'm just glad these products have packaging that makes me smile.

Pink Pens.  I didn't realize I had this many until I took them all out.  Come to think of it, this is missing quite a few that that live in my Filofax/es.

Clockwise from top:
(1) Franklin Covey Melbourne multi-pen;
(2)  Pen/Pencil set with  crown 'clickers';
(3) Random multi-pen given as a gift;
(4) Pink gel highlighter;
(5) Uni Style Fit 5-barrel multi-pen;
(6) Pilot Coleto 5-barren multi-pen;
(7) Pink retractable Frixion pen;
(8) Pink Lamy fountain pen

Random Stuff

Just to make sure I had everything covered, I checked my bedside table and voila, I found these.  One is a headphone coiler (top), or whatever that's called, LOL, and a pink Laura Ashley mini tape measure that was a gift from my sister (bottom).

I even prefer pink nail polish over any other color.

White roses on dark pink background


And yes, I have caved and gotten brushes, dotting tools, acrylic paints - the works.  And I'm having a blast!  LOL!


And finally, the pink Filofaxes.  (You knew that was coming, right?)

The pink Baroque family

All of the pinks together

I have way too many pinks now.  I am now consciously seeking black/brown/blue Filofaxes to put more variety in my collection.

I even have a pink Bible with a pink leather bookmark (:

And I think that's about it.

Does anybody else out there love pink?  I do hope I'm not alone.  (:

Thanks for visiting!

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