Monday, August 19, 2013

Filofax Wallet Setup Fail . . . and Fix

Hi everyone!

I had previously been quite happy with the setup of the Filofaxes I used as a wallet.  I tried them all -- a Slimline, a Compact, a Personal, a Pocket and a Mini.  I'd say the best format for me would be the Compact because it was really the 'Goldilocks', just-right, size.  A Pocket works quite well too, having a smaller footprint in my handbag.

Previous wallet formats.

However,  I've recently realized that I had very little data/information in my wallet when I was out of the house.  I'd realize it when I would need to either (a) jot something down and didn't have the right section to put it in, or (b) need to reference something that I didn't have.  There was just nowhere to write my musings, whatever they may be.

And that frustrated me no end!

So I fixed the problem.

This time, I chose the pink personal Baroque as my wallet.  It was a pity that it was languishing in a dark box somewhere so I took it out and started stuffing it.

Debit/Credit Cards in inside front cover.
ID page in case (heaven forbid!) I lose it.

I kept the original major sections in the previous wallet.  I re-did the previous tabs and used some plastic folder material to make them more durable.

Previous sections, still in the new setup

Gotta have the Post-Its

But I transported some sections from the home binder that I  reference often, namely, the Blog, Shop, Media, and Business sections.  I used the Martha Stewart note tabs.  What remained in the stay-at-home binder were mostly just very personal and/or financial items.

Newly-transported tabs

The wallet section
I still keep 2 pens: one in a Leuchturn pen loop, the other in the notepad.

I have also stopped keeping two Calendars.  As of this writing, I took out January-June leaving only the 2nd half of the year in.  Since I took out most of the lists, the Personal Malden, which used to hold EVERYTHING, has gained some ring space so I moved the Household Binder into it so that everything really is in one place.

And as a parting shot, my Filofax Team of the moment. In the pretty fanned views.

Home Binder

I should know in the next few weeks if this'll work out for me.  This is the 1st major Filofax re-jig I've done it quite some time so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I may also just find it's too big to carry around all the time, but I'm willing to test it.

What Filofax do you use as a wallet?  How has it worked out for you?

Thanks for visiting!

Update:  I was waiting in a coffee shop (with my dog) for my family, and was soooo happy with my new setup.  Lists were updated and items checked off while killing time.  It's obviously a little bit heavier and thicker but I didn't really notice the weight on my shoulder.  So far, so good!  (:


  1. I'll soon be getting my FIRST Filofax, EVER, in the pocket size, which I intend to use as a wallet!! I have a FC compact planner, which I LOVE, and use all the time, but I would like something smaller for my bag, so that I can still fit a small smash/art journal in there too! (0; I just HAVE to place limits SOMEWHERE, especially with how much weight my shoulder can carry! I figure, my day is not so complicated, that if I want to transfer info from the smaller to the larger FC at the end the day, that could be done easily enough.. I HOPE, anyways! ~tina

    1. Hi Tina! Congrats on your Filo purchase. I've been using a Filo as a wallet for a while now and haven't looked back. I just love having paper and money in one place. I did have to carry bigger bags but it was no biggie as I needed to replace some of my bags anyway, LOL!

  2. i'm waiting for the aqua malden to hit the US and that will be my first actual filo. i do plan on getting a personal and using it as a wallet. i'm a bit apprehensive because i don't always carry a large bag. will have to do some restructuring with my habits!

    1. Hi Tammy! I've been drooling over the aqua Malden myself, such a great color, and also because I love the Maldens. I'm always soooo excited for first-time Filo users because it's been such a great experience for me to have one. For your smaller bags, maybe you can consider a Pocket size instead. Thanks and take care.

  3. Very nice...I use my personal finchley as a planner/wallet also. I do use the info page, as my drivers license is in one of the card slots, so I think the address is sufficient if they are so inclined to return it to me :-) I may rethink this but for now it seems to work and I do not miss the page.

  4. I meant, I do NOT use the info page :-)

    1. Hi, and you're right! I too don't need that page. My license is also in one of the card holders. I have the info page for color and as protection more than anything. The picture reminds me of me and my sister. Thanks for the comment.