Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Filofax in a Semi-Emergency

Hi everyone!

This is a short post with no photos.

I just wanted to write that the Contacts in my Filo wallet came in handy one day. I only have a few numbers there; a few family members, friends and important numbers.

I never remember to charge my phone until it actually tells me with its resounding beeping and I never really check how much battery life I have at any point.  While at lunch one day with friends, the phone actually started beeping and eventually died on me.  As I needed to make a phone call to my husband to give me a ride home, I simply whipped out my Filo wallet and referred to my Contacts list to make that call borrowing a friend's phone.  (His number is one of those that’s hard to remember, I could never really memorize it.  Pathetic, huh?!?  Maybe if I squint real hard?)

I'm glad I took the time to put it in there.

Thanks for visiting!

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