Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another "Matching My Bag to My Filofax" Post

Hi again everyone!

As the title suggests, I'll show you today how my bag matches my Filofax.  Previous post is here.

If truth be told, I didn't get the bag to match the black Baroque (which is my daughter's by the way, but she's not using it at the moment).  I saw the bag, loved the size and embossing, and realized when I got home that it would match the black Baroque perfectly.

Matched embossing

Here's another angle.

I use the Baroque as a wallet so it has a minimum of inserts. It's arranged pretty much the same way I set up the Classic Slimline so click this link! if you want to see that.  The only addition are the Post-Its on the front.

The bag is so roomy it fits all my junk really well, with room to spare.

Roomy bag with lotsa junk

And there it is, a matchy-matchy bag to Filofax post for you.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I tend to coordinate more than match, but my FC Flourish is really easy to match to bags. I have two "accidental" matching bags at home that I got as gifts from people who never saw my planner.

    1. Hi Giftie, I agree, this os one of those happy accidents. The Fluorish is a fun but classic design, I know it'll look good with most everything.