Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Loving the Kate Spade Calendar (a.k.a. Planner Angst Averted)

Hi everyone!

I was having terrible planner angst since the beginning of 2014.

I normally used the Cotton Cream WO2P but didn't like that they weren't white.  My sister got me a Personal sized planner from Ever New, a store out of Melbourne that has stores in Manila, that had a dated 2014 diary and I was using that since the beginning of the year.  (I actually chose it myself, thanks dear!).  As you will see from the photo below, it's so very pretty. The diary pages are nice and simple.  However, the weekends are crammed together.  I thought I could live with that but I wasn't very comfortable with it.

So pretty!

Clean and simple pages
When I got the Pink Domino, it was the same deal.  I was used to the Filofax format, but just didn't like the weekends 'squooshed' together.

And then, I decided to use the Kate Spade 2014 Calendar, and I have to say, it's perfect for my needs!

I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about -- the Monthlies are incorporated into the weeks, the Weeklies have equal spaces for each day, and I just realized I prefer the 'Notes' section to be at the end of the week rather than before the Monday.  I don't even mind that Sat/Sun have smaller spaces on the monthlies.

'Cover' page for March

March spread

Clean Weekly spread

I put off using it for a bit because the paper is so thick and it would bulk up my planner too much.  Or so I thought.  The format and layout of the Kate Spade Calendar completely makes up for the thickness of the paper.

Shows thickness of 2014 Calendar alone.

As you can see, quite hefty.
The upside is that you can stamp and highlight to your heart's content and it wouldn't bleed or show-through the next pages.

I've been in Planner Peace since I started using it which is barely a week ago.

My one and only complaint:  this Calendar format will completely spoil me for any other.  I'm already on the lookout for 2015's inserts (is that crazy?).   I've found a few I like -- Life is Crafted, Piaric, Organized Mum and Bowlful of Lemons.  Of course there's also Etsy.

I don't like printing and cutting my own pages though, I'm just rubbish at it.  If you have any suggestions on pre-printed diary formats you love, I would love to hear about them.

And more importantly, does anyone make Monthlies incorporated into the Weeklies?

Thanks for visiting!

PS:  You may ask where the Kate Spade planner is, and why am I not using it.  That's a whole new story in itself.


  1. Hey Doris, yes I am asking....where is the Kate Spade planner?? I totally agree with you on the layout of the calendar, it's awesome!!

    1. Hi Sam, I'm in and out of it within hours, can't seem to bond with it. Am I missing something here? Why does everybody else love it?

  2. I clicked on the link for the first organizer, but it didn't take me to any web page! I also googled "evernew organizers" or "evernew agenda" but I didn't find anything. I love that planner. Can you try to find another link? Thanks!

    1. Hi, that was the only link I could find, sorry it doesn't load. The link was for their Facebook site so hopefully you can

  3. The planner is from Forever New. Its an international chainstore. I'm pretty sure they are now out of stock though! :-)

    1. Amy, it's called Ever New in Manila, no wonder I couldn't find it.